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Tips on How to Keep a Guy Interested And Happy

  • Free Video Reveals How to Make Any Man Obsessively Desire You…
  • Is it normal for a man to be scared of commitment?
  • What Men Want
    4 Simple Truths About What Men Want From Women
  • How to Get Him To Propose
    Free Video Reveals How to Get Him to Commit
  • Is he a commitment phobe? Discover the top signs that he's afraid of commitment now

Learning how to catch a guy, keep him interested and, if you’re ready, get him to commit to you is what this site is all about. You’ll discover tips, advice and videos helping you learn the right way to get a man to propose and commit to you forever.How To Keep a Guy

You’ll learn how to keep a guy:

  • Interested
  • Happy
  • Devoted
  • In Love
  • Wanting to commit to you forever

There’s a big difference between catching a man and keeping him. However, you may be shocked to discover that any woman can learn how to make a man want them and how to keep them happy. And you don’t have to have supermodel looks either!

Women have more power over men than they often realize

This is a fact. However, many women are unaware of how to tap into this special skill. Furthermore, women are often unsure how to fully tap into their full potential when it comes to this special ability. But rest assured, you do have a power over men and you can keep a guy interested and in love with you without using tricks or being demanding.

In fact, trying to trick a man, being manipulative or nagging is a surefire way to push a man away from you faster than a lightening bolt can strike! So how do you keep a man interested, happy and in love with you…without pushing him away?

Have you ever noticed that beautiful women very often struggle just as much, or even more so, in relationships? The reason for this is simple;

What men want goes much deeper looks

But please don’t misunderstand… Knowing that true beauty is only skin deep does NOT mean that a woman should neglect her appearance. A big part of keeping a guy interested is to keep yourself happy and healthy both on the inside AND out.

Furthermore, just as you were first attracted to your guy for how he looked, he was attracted to you for the same reason. In relationships, it’s important for couples to “not let themselves go” when it comes to their appearance over the years.

And although looks change for men and women alike over the years, if you have had more than a few relationships fail because a man has lost interest in you (either sexually, emotionally, or both) it may be time to examine why this continues to happen.

It’s all to common, for men and women both, to become overly complacent in long-term relationships. This is often when the relationship problems start because of one, or both couples becoming to set in their ways.

If a man becomes bored in a relationship, he may begin to pull away, or even stray from his partner. And it can get worse…When a guy starts to pull away from a woman, sadly, many woman will take the wrong approach.

Very often a woman will plead and beg their man to not leave them. Reacting in this way will only drive a man further from you. So knowing that acting needy, clingy and desperate won’t work to keep a guy in your life, what does work?

2 Steps to Keep a Guy:

  1. Understand what drives or pushes a man away from you
  2. Learn EXACTLY what men want and become that woman

Now please don’t misunderstand step two above. What is meant is that you work on becoming the type of woman whom men respect and admire, not to change WHO you are as a unique individual. And if a man, (or anyone for that matter) ever try’s to change who you are as a person, run, don’t walk, RUN as fast from that person as you can.

To improve yourself as a person is always in your best interest, right? And that’s exactly what a man wants in a woman. A strong, confident female is very sexy to a man.