“Does my boyfriend love me?” Signs To Look For!

Does He Love MeIf you ask yourself, “Does my boyfriend love me?” you definitely need to find out the truth. Particularly if you have suffered with trust issues in the past such as an ex that cheated on you.

Relationship problems of any type can easily cause you to doubt yourself as well as your level of commitment. Furthermore, just one bad love relationship from you past may leave you constantly wondering whether or not your man truly loves you on not…despite just how much he tells you.

If that sounds like you, then please take this simple advice…Put a stop to those negative feelings at once! The past is the past, you must let go of these insecurities now or else your self-doubt and lack of confidence could possibly drive him away forever.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

But what if you really do have reasons to suspect that your boyfriend is not being truthful, or even (Gulp) is only using you? You will find there are common signs to look for to learn how he really feels about you.

Besides the obvious of him saying he loves you, you’ll find that a guy that loves you will show his true love in other ways than just words. In fact, these non-verbal clues are usually a much stronger sign that your boyfriend really loves you. So whenever you question whether he loves you or not, there are tell-tell signs that reveal the truth.

Top Signs That He Loves You:

  • When you’re with others in public, does he treat you differently? If he showers you with affection when you’re alone, but acts cold towards you when you’re with friends, consider why he is behaving that way. If your boyfriend really loves you he will want to scream it from the mountain tops and let the whole World know!
  • Does he show you respect? For example, does he say please and thank you like he does with strangers? However, it’s important to remember that respect is a two-way street. If you aren’t respectful to him, his reaction may be treat you the same way.
  • Does he expect too much from you? For example, if he does something nice for you, does he automatically assume that you must reciprocate in kind? This could be a hint that he may not always have your best interest at heart. A guy in love practically falls over backwards to make his lover happy…without expecting the same in return.
  • How does he treat your friends and family members? He should want to make a good impression with them and show respect. Even if the thought of getting married may still be awhile down the road, your boyfriend should understand that offending your family or friends would be a hurtful for your long-term future together.
  • Does he take you for granted? Signs that he doesn’t appreciate you, or takes you for granted can definitely mean that there’s a problem with your relationship.

Does my boyfriend love me?” is a concern just about every woman has thought about at one time or another in their relationship. Furthermore, if you answered no to one of the factors above, that does not mean that he doesn’t love you. However if you answered no to several, you need to look closer at his behavior towards you.

Remember, even if he tells you over and over again that he loves you, his actions will always reveal his true feelings for you. For that matter, a guy that constantly says he loves you could be a red flag in your relationship. Is he trying to convince himself, or you, that he really is in love when he really in not?

And a boyfriend who treats your friends and family with respect is much more likely to feel genuine love for you than one who disses your family or doesn’t seem to want to even interact with them at all.

Simply Put…

The biggest factor to knowing whether your boyfriend really loves you is to observe his actions closely, especially when in public or with family and friends. He should treat you with the same kindness and respect that he does when you two are alone. And once you learn really start to pay attention to his actions, you’ll be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that he really does loves you!

Four Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like He’s the King of Your Castle

How to Keep a GuyIt doesn’t take long for most women to figure out the dynamics of your relationship. Your man feels best, when he feels as though he’s large and in charge around the house.

Perhaps it’s a respect issue. Perhaps it’s simply something that’s been ingrained in the mail psyche since the Cro-Magnon phase. Regardless, the need still exists for men to at least believe they rule the roost.

Here are a few things you can do to make your man feel like he’s the king of your castle:

  1. Give him your loyalty. Loyalty is perhaps the most important thing your man expects from you. Don’t sit around with girlfriends talking bad about him. Lift him up in your words, thoughts, and actions. It will make a world of difference for you and for him.
  2. Show him your respect. Respect is just as important for the average man as loyalty. When you respect him, you’re always trying to earn his respect in return. It’s a state of mind thing. However, when you SHOW him your respect, you’re giving him the exact type of affirmation of your love he needs in order to remain confident in your love for him and his role in the family.
  3. Stop NAGGING. He hates his more than you know. Not only does it make him FEEL disrespected, it also shows him that you’re not respecting the many things he does to keep your family in ship-shape. Nagging, in his eyes, is simply pointing out the ways you think he’s failing or letting you down.

    Most of the time, it makes him that much more determined not to do the thing you want accomplished and it creates a vicious cycle of unhappiness all around. Find another way to accomplish your goals if asking once isn’t getting it done. It will save your relationship a great deal of conflict and will spare ill will on both sides of the equation.
  4. Tell him how you feel. How long has it been since you’ve made the effort to tell your man how glad you are that he’s in your life. Let him know how many ways he makes your life better. Inform him of just how much you admire and respect him. Flatter him. Boost his ego. And remind him just how happy you are to be part of his life — and how glad you are that he is part of yours.

You don’t have to debase yourself in order to let him be king of your castle. You don’t have to grovel at his feet or bow down before him. You don’t even have to do the Wayne’s World “We’re not worthy!” montage. You just have to do these four things and he’ll never need to wonder about his place in your heart and mind.

What Men Want – Simple Truths Every Girl Needs to Know About Her Guy

Girls often have a hard time relating to the guys they love.What Men Want There is a lot of truth to the 1990′s Mars and Venus book series by Dr. John Gray. Men and women seem to speak and understand different languages from one another.

Girls don’t understand what their guys are really saying and get their feelings hurt quite often when no negativity was implied from the guy at all. Then he’s baffled that she’s suddenly giving him the silent treatment and holding back tears.

Then the you know what hits the fan and it’s flying dishes and fireworks everywhere.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. There are a few simple truths that could very well be relationship savers when girls figure them out about what men want and why he acts the way he does.

The Truth About What Men Want From Women

  1. He Really Does Think about Nothing – It’s true. And every girl doubts it. You ask him what he’s thinking about. He says nothing. You get upset or hurt that he isn’t sharing with you. You think he’s hiding something from you. The truth is, he really isn’t thinking about a darn thing. If anything you might be jealous that you can’t harness that power yourself to see what it feels like to really think about nothing at all.
  2. He Loves You Just the Way You Are – He really does. The only problem is that he never wants you to change. He’d be happiest if you’d stay the way you were the day you met forever. He wants you all flirty, happy, eager to impress, and lovey dovey. He doesn’t want that to end.
  3. He Doesn’t Like Change – He doesn’t want you to change, as we’ve already mention, but he also doesn’t want to change himself. That’s why he’s so reluctant to eat healthier, start exercising, or cut out the salt. He really would be happy to have meatloaf every Monday, sit in the same recliner for fifty years, and drive the same truck until the tires fell off. It’s also why he has a not to subtle panic attack (though he’ll deny that until his dying day) whenever you start to make changes.
  4. He has Emotional Needs Too – Women often mistake their husbands, boyfriends, etc. for people who lack emotional depth. The thing is, men have deep feelings. They don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves. Those waters run very deep. He may not profess his undying love for you every day, he may never be the Hallmark man of the year, but his love for you and his family is something he feels down deep and he needs reassurance from you, that his love is returned.

What Men Want Summary

Once you understand these simple truths about your guy, you may find a new understanding for the dynamics in your relationship. Hopefully, you’ll have a new appreciation for the man you love and what really drives him in life so your relationship can be stronger than ever before.

Why He Won’t Commit – Top Signs of Commitment Phobic Men

Dating a man with commitment issues is not all that uncommon. usecautionWhat is NOT common, however, is dating a commitment phobic man that has a true fear of commitment. The differences between commitment phobic men and a guy with only a few commitment issues are like night and day.

In relationships, one partner having issues with commitment is usually considered typical and often sorts itself out overtime. If, however, he won’t commit because he has commitment phobia, it is an entirely different set of circumstances.

Why He Won’t Commit: The Truth About a Commitment Phobic Man …

Sometimes a guy leaves a relationship for reasons of their own; Reasons that have nothing to do with their partner at all. A man who is a commitment phobe has little, or NO, remorse at all.

In fact, it’s commonplace for commitment phobic men to hurt the people they love over and over again. If you are, or ever have been, in love with a commitment phobe guy than you know exactly what I’m talking about.

How do you know if your guy has what’s considered a ‘normal fear of commitment‘ or if he’s a full-blown commitment phobe? First of all you should be on the watch-out for any clues or signs that he may be leaving you.

Below are common traits that go beyond what’s considered normal commitment issues…

Is he a Commitment Phobe? Top Signs of Commitment Phobic Men:

  • They come on fast and strong at the start of a relationship. Nevertheless, the moment you become a couple he will demand more freedom and space.
  • The love and passion commitment phobic men feel is usually very genuine. That being said, a commitment phobe is able to love you with their entire self because they subconsciously understand that the relationship is short-lived.
  • Enjoys playing games with your feeling and emotions. For example, they seek out your love, care and attention right up until they obtain it.
  • A commitment phobic man can be incredibly elusive or even deceptive with regards to their activities and happenings.
  • Having a past of many short-term romantic relationships. A commitment phobe will very often leave behind a trail of tears that can be traced back to the point in a relationship when things became too serious – IE; Getting engaged or making marriage plans.
  • They may be unavailable when you need them most, or even hide out from you, for no obvious motive.
  • Enjoys playing games with your feeling and emotions. For example, they seek out your love, care and attention right up until they obtain it.
  • Blames relationship problems on you saying; you’re too clingy, needy or paranoid by asking questions.
  • Through time fabrications, deceptions and even lies are uncovered. And when caught in an untruth, a commitment phobic man will make-up complicated and very imaginative tales to conceal it.
  • Commitment phobic men and women often have extremely sudden mood swings. Their moods can literally swing from being a caring nurturing individual one day into that of a controlling inconsiderate person the next.
  • Frequent infidelity on their spouse or lover is another sign of a commitment phobe.

To Sum Up Why He Won’t Commit:

Being in a loving relationship with someone that fears commitment – to the point of “Phobia” – is dangerous territory that few romantic relationships survive. Therefore, any woman dating a man with commitment issues needs to be aware of the signs that he is a commitment phobe.

Commitment phobic men and women do exhibit traits and show blatant signs that could signify danger ahead. It’s up to you to be on the look-out for any, and all clues that a guy is leaving you.